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Accidental Tooth Loss by Injury

Accidental tooth loss caused by an injury or accident can be very traumatic. People frequently think that a lost or broken tooth cannot be put back or fixed. Proper first aid can do to minimize the damage after an accident or injury. Learn what you can do if you have a Tooth Injury.


A filling is needed when a tooth is damaged or decayed and at least half of the tooth remains. Fillings can be either tooth colored composite material, or silver amalgam. Our dentist uses only the latest highest quality filling materials available.


A crown is needed when a tooth cracks, breaks, or has too much filling material to support a filling. A crown supports the tooth and can be made of gold, ceramic metal and porcelain, or all porcelain. Here at Winning Smile Dentistry we use all three forms of crown.

Root Canals

Root canals are needed when the nerve within a tooth has been injured beyond repair, or the nerve has died and has become infected. The space the nerve occupied is cleaned, shaped, and sealed so no bacteria can enter and cause further infection.


Extractions are the removal of teeth from the surrounding tissue and bone. Primary, or baby teeth often need help coming out as well as permanent teeth, and we understand that at WDS and we are very gentle.


Dentures are removable replacement teeth. There are two forms of dentures–complete dentures, and partial dentures. Complete means it replaces all of the teeth that are missing for a given arch–either upper of lower. Partial means it replaces only the teeth that are missing. Dentures are one of the tooth replacement options that are always available at Winning Smile Design.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth in a non-removable way, or they can be used to anchor a removable denture. Implants go directly into the bone and provide rigid support. Implants are an amazing life changing procedure. Dental Implant patients are some of our happiest patients.
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