Teeth Bonding offers a number of benefits for our patients. Tooth Bonding is quick, affordable, relatively painless, and long lasting. Dental bonding can also be an excellent alternative to more expensive cosmetic dentistry treatment such as porcelain veneers, bridges, and crowns.

A composite resin material is applied to the tooth and then expertly sculpted and shaped to cover the damaged areas or to fill in gaps. Composite resin comes in several shades so it can be matched to the natural color of your tooth. Additionally, the composite resin used in a cosmetic bonding procedure is incredibly flexible, expanding and contracting with the natural tooth – preventing cracks and tooth loss.

Before and After Photos
Tooth Bonding was used to repair a childs broken tooth

Dental bonding usually requires only one visit, making this procedure less time-consuming and less expensive than other tooth restoration and cosmetic methods.

Is Dental Bonding the right option for you?

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Dr. Mary-Ann Wolf is a member of Akron Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, ADA and AGD.